“Packaging Bag Design” How to choose the color in the design of food packaging bags?

December 23, 2022

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Any food we buy in our lives is packed in corresponding food packaging bags. Packaging in food packaging bags is not only for cleanliness and portability, but also for aesthetics and to introduce some relevant information. Therefore, don’t underestimate the role of a food packaging bag! What should be paid attention to in terms of color when designing food packaging bags? Precautions for the color of food packaging bag design

Food Packaging Bags (4)

1. One of the most important criteria for choosing the color of food packaging bags is not to be too close to the color of the food, which will cause overlapping colors, give people a complex visual illusion, and lose interest in the food itself.

2. Food must stimulate consumers’ appetite to stimulate marketing and sales. Therefore, in terms of food packaging bag design, we can choose some warm color series that make people very warm, which can stimulate everyone’s appetite and give people a very comfortable visual experience.


3. Design according to different sizes of food packaging bags. The color selection of food packaging bags should also pay attention to the proportion of color area. The proportion must be reasonable. Colors must not be used in transparent places to avoid too many colors on food packaging bags. These precautions are to better design food packaging bags, so that the overall effect of the design is better, and it has a certain incentive effect on marketing. Therefore, in the design process, these considerations can be carried out around. The above is all about “how to choose the color in the design of food packaging bags?”

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