“Packaging Bag Design” Product packaging bags need to be designed in combination with colors

December 24, 2022

Feynman yltpacking.com

Packaging bag design plays a very important role in whether the product can attract customers’ attention. Whether the color application is just right is directly related to the overall design effect. Today yltpacking will discuss with you the different applications of color in different types of product packaging design! In the design of food packaging bags, bright colors are usually used in the design, because bright colors can better attract customers’ attention. On the other hand, they can give customers a good appetite, thereby boosting sales. However, there are many bright colors that work beautifully together. Once it is not well matched, it will look very vulgar. Therefore, to do a good job in food packaging bags must combine the knowledge of color matching. The makeup itself is very light in color. In order to satisfy the freshness of cosmetics, fresh colors must be the main color in the design of cosmetic packaging bags. Electronic product packaging bags usually use cool black and gray colors. This calm and deep color can give customers a sense of durability, which is to highlight the characteristics of electronic products and play a role as a foil. The above is all about “”packaging bag design” product packaging bags need to be designed in combination with colors”.

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