“Packaging bag design” What aspects should the packaging bag design start from?

December 29, 2022

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“Packaging bag design” What aspects should the packaging bag design start from? The hidden value of product packaging is the concrete embodiment of the effect of product packaging, and it is the key to increase the turnover in the process of product sales. The outer packaging is often more important than the product it contains. It can be seen that the packaging bag design of the product creates added value. 1. Combining local culture With the gradual formation of global economic integration, the exchange of products is becoming more and more extensive. The research and application of local culture has been paid more and more attention. The design of product packaging bags must also have its own characteristics, and the more important thing is how to reflect the company’s own culture, which is often closely related to the local regional culture. Therefore, cleverly applying the rich cultural resources of the region to the design of product packaging bags will enable consumers to have a good sense of trust in the product. Just like the packaging design of Chinese wine products, most of them choose historical sites, scenic spots and historical culture as design materials, and consumers can gain more trust when purchasing products. 2. Citing advanced technology and materials The current trend of product packaging bag design is to develop in the direction of the original ecology. How to introduce and utilize new renewable materials, research new technologies and methods, and further embody the concept of green packaging design is a common concern of product packaging design companies. For example, the research on composite materials for packaging bags is to try to combine several materials together so that they have the excellent properties of different materials. At the same time, the degradability of product packaging bags should also be considered to promote recycling and reuse. However, the required cost is reduced and the added value of the product is increased. 3. Proper packaging The design of product packaging bags should be based on product characteristics and functional requirements, carefully study the better matching of functions and costs, and choose an economical solution. Example: If the quality of the product is different, the consumer is different, and the production location is different, you should choose a different design solution. Product packaging bag design should focus on high quality and low price. Product packaging design should also consider eliminating some redundant functions that consume resources and increase the cost of the packaging. Example: For products that are not easily affected by moisture, it is not necessary to use a large amount of moisture-proof materials for sealed packaging, and should be selected

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