“Packaging bag design” What role can packaging bag design play?,Where is the meaning?

December 24, 2022

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“Packaging bag design” What role can packaging bag design play, and what is the significance? The first point: protection function The protection function is the most basic and principled function in the design of packaging bags. Other functions of packaging bag design can only continue to be designed on the premise of realizing the protection function. The protective function is to protect the contents from external shocks and prevent the contents from being damaged or deteriorated due to light, moisture, etc. The structure and material of the packaging are directly related to the protective function of the packaging. The second point: the sales function The sales function originates from the economic process of the society and the market. The quality of product packaging directly affects product sales. Through the graphic description of the packaging, consumers are guided to consume the product correctly, and at the same time reflect the cultural taste of a specific product, giving people a pleasant feeling and creating added value. The third point: circulation function The circulation function requires product packaging to adapt to this process. Good packaging should be easy to handle, easy to transport, and safe to store in the warehouse. Even during processing; it is convenient for production processing, turnover, loading, sealing, labeling, stacking, etc. It is convenient to store and identify commodities and commodity information; it is convenient for store shelves to display and sell; it is convenient for consumers to carry, open and consume. Sorting, recycling and disposal of packaging waste is very convenient. success

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