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“Packaging Bag Design” What should be paid attention to in the design process of agricultural product packaging bags? For a high-quality agricultural product packaging bag, its design must incorporate more design knowledge, and at the same time have a deep understanding of the product and corporate culture. Designers can’t do it overnight. The packaging bag design is inspired by life, higher than the product itself. The seemingly small packaging design actually contains many meanings, but the function of the product packaging itself cannot be ignored. So what are the key points that must not be ignored in the design process of agricultural product packaging bags? In the process of packaging bag design for agricultural products, we must fully consider and consider the overall image of the product, as well as the physical state and strength that we cannot ignore, and even the storage environment. It is indeed guaranteed that the design should consider the overall design style, and the logo and text selection should be more refined. However, the packaging must take into account the characteristics of the item itself, especially some items with low strength and easy damage. The safety of packaging must be fully considered in the design. Only in this way can the performance of the packaging itself be unaffected. Different materials and designs of the same type of produce packaging bag design can lead to huge differences in the total cost. Therefore, we must pay special attention to the overall cost performance of the packaging bag. For the same type of packaging bags, the price is more favorable, which will definitely be very beneficial to our future processing and production. Try to choose a packaging that is easy and convenient to carry and transport. In addition, the choice of materials can ensure that the packaging can be reused as much as possible, which can also reduce certain production costs and ensure a higher cost performance. Basically, the packaging bag design of agricultural products is not only a single design, but generally requires more and different products. The design of the same series of products is still very critical. We should consider different types of products, but at the same time, we should pay special attention to coordination to ensure better design relevance. Our brand logo and color design are also integrated into the packaging of agricultural products as much as possible, so that consumers can think of our brand when they see the packaging bags, which is also very helpful for future development.