“Packaging bag” How is the colorful and interesting food packaging bag made?

December 6, 2022

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Food packaging bags appear in all aspects of our lives. We often see all kinds of food packaging bags in large supermarkets. So, how are these colorful and interesting food packaging bags made? 1. Food packaging design: After receiving the customer’s packaging order, the company can design a bag pattern that meets the product characteristics, is beautiful, and attracts consumers according to the customer’s requirements for the bag. 2. Plate making: After determining the design of the packaging bag, it is necessary to make the required copper plate on the food packaging printing machine according to the size and color. You can also choose plateless digital printing! 3. Layout printing: Firstly, the bag is printed on the packaging printing machine, first the first layer of the bag, that is, the first layer of material is printed, to know more about the material of the packaging bag, you can check our “food packaging bag material”, And introduce the range of packaging bags. 4. Composite material: Composite material is the bag we need to make by bonding two materials together. It is based on the material used by the customer to make the bag. Two types are used, which only need to be combined once. Three types need to be mixed twice, depending on the material used by the customer. By analogy, it is likely to form a bag after mixing. 5. Curing, slitting and bag making: After compounding, we must wait for the materials that adhere together to solidify and cool. This is a roll of film (some customers only need roll film Yes, there is no need to cut the bag). The bag is divided into bags by machine packaging film, and finally made into a bag. The bag made is the food packaging bag we often see in the market. The above is “”packaging bag” How are colorful and interesting food packaging bags made? “‘s entire content.

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