“Packaging Bag Printing” What should I pay attention to when printing a QR code on a packaging bag?

December 19, 2022

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Everyone scans QR codes every day, so let’s discuss together today the topic of “what should be paid attention to when printing QR codes on packaging bags”. In fact, the QR code can be monochrome black, and it can also be multi-color overprinted. In this case, the factors that affect the printing quality of the QR code mainly include color contrast and overprint error. Color contrast If the color contrast of the two-dimensional code on the newspaper is not enough, it will affect the recognition of the two-dimensional code by the mobile phone software. Requirements for the optical characteristics of barcode printing symbols: In order to read reliably, after printing, the lines and spaces in the barcode should have obvious contrast, the reflectivity of the spaces should be as large as possible, and the reflectivity of the lines should be as small as possible. According to the national standard, the whiteness of domestic newsprint is above 50%, and normal printing can meet the recognition requirements of QR codes. At the same time, it should be noted that when making a QR code on a newspaper, remember to remind the editor not to add shading to prevent the situation that the contrast is not enough to affect the reading. The error of overprint mainly refers to the color QR code. The QR code must be neat and clear when printing. Usually, we stipulate that the maximum value of the overprint error (the overprint error between the main color and the picture) should be less than or equal to 0.4 times the nominal width of the narrowest bar barcode. According to the national standard, the overprint error of newspapers is required to be less than or equal to 0.3mm. In fact, some newspapers above the provincial level with relatively advanced printing equipment and relatively high quality requirements can fully meet the standards in this respect. For some local and city newspapers, if the overprint is not stable, it is recommended that the QR code be printed in one color, so that there will be no overprint problem. When printing missing elements, be careful not to lose elements on the printing plate, so as not to cause difficulties in reading the QR code. In printing, due to the printing plate or blanket, it is easy to cause printing pattern defects. Special attention should be paid to this QR code, which is a slightly “fragmented” pattern. The problem of printing ink color In order to control the size error of the two-dimensional code symbol, the key to printing is to control the ink color and printing pressure to ensure the accurate restoration of the two-dimensional code stripe. Under normal circumstances, we should ensure that there will be no problems with the ink, and at the same time ensure the necessary thickness of the ink layer. There will be no falsified streaks caused by low pressure or insufficient ink color; there will be no fringe spread caused by excessive pressure or large ink. The above is what should be paid attention to when printing QR codes on packaging bags? “‘s entire content.

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