“Packaging Bags” Analysis of Green, Environmentally Friendly and Degradable Packaging Bags

December 17, 2022

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In order to advocate green and environmentally friendly packaging, the packaging bags can be quickly and completely degraded after being used and discarded under natural conditions, without pollution. yltpacking will introduce advanced production technologies such as D2W oxidative biodegradation technology, EPI degradation technology, TDP degradation technology, and another advanced plastic packaging bag (PE, PP, BOPP) materials.

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1. Use D2W oxidative biodegradation technology to make degradable packaging bags D2W oxidative biodegradable plastic technology to produce degradable packaging bags. This technology is a mature technology that has passed the American ASTM6954 standard. It can be widely used in polyethylene, polypropylene, BOPP, polystyrene and other packaging products. After the packaging bag is discarded, it can be naturally decomposed into water, carbon dioxide and cellular biomass under normal conditions, and will not leave organic aggregates in the soil. things. The principle is to decompose several mineral salt ion components in the added particles by a little bit (usually 1% of D2W oxidative biodegradation), so that the packaging bag can be broken into small fragments in the presence of oxygen, and this situation will last , until the small fragments are decomposed into extremely small substances with a molecular weight of less than 5000, which can be completely decomposed by microorganisms in the general biological environment, at which point the plastic is no longer plastic.

2. EPI degradation technology to make degradable packaging bags Large supermarkets in some countries said that they need products containing EPI biodegradable plastic additives. As a completely oxidized biodegradable additive, EPI enjoys the reputation of the best cost performance in the market. Choosing EPI biodegradable packaging bags usually only increases the cost by 10-20%, while choosing new materials may increase the cost by 1-2 times. EPI biodegradable bags are the world pioneer and leader in oxo-biodegradable plastic technology.

3. TDP degradation technology to make degradable packaging bags TDP degradable packaging bags can be oxidized and decomposed under natural conditions such as ultraviolet light, heat and pressure. After the plastic packaging bag is damaged, it becomes low molecular weight fragments, which are then decomposed by microorganisms, and finally converted into carbon dioxide, water and organic matter. During the entire decomposition process, no toxic substances will be released. The above is the whole content of “Analysis of “Packaging Bags” Green, Environmentally Friendly and Degradable Packaging Bags”./www.jhxbzd.com/). Shenzhen yltpacking Plastic Products Co., Ltd. is a professional packaging company with 19 years of experience in flexible packaging production The bag personalized custom digital plateless printing production company has advanced HP Indigo20000 digital plateless printing equipment, which can undertake packaging bag design in various industries and fields, and solve the problem of product marketing differentiation for your company!

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