plastic cat litter bag-Cat litter plastic vacuum bag foreign cat litter packaging bag why choose vacuum plastic cat litter bag?

January 23, 2023


Cat litter vacuum packaging bags are the first choice for many high-end cat litter companies. Don’t underestimate the importance of cat litter. Anyone who has raised cats knows the importance of cat litter to cats. A good cat litter can not only Let the cat owner live comfortably, and bring great convenience to the cat owner. The use of cat litter vacuum packaging bags has the following advantages: 1, Flexible specifications: vacuum packaging bags are easy to operate, and can meet your different needs for different products. Cat litter vacuum packaging bags have2.5kgCat litter vacuum packaging bag,6kgCat litter vacuum packaging bag,10kgCat litter vacuum packaging bags. 2High barrier, stable performance: oil resistance, moisture resistance, low temperature freezing resistance, quality preservation, freshness preservation, and odor preservation. Utilize the high barrier properties of different plastic materials to co-extrude films to achieve high barrier effects on oxygen, water, carbon dioxide, and odors. This is especially important for cat litter products, because the most basic characteristic of cat litter is to have good water absorption, and some brands of cat litter will also be seasoned, so cat litter vacuum packaging bags are the best choice. 3, High strength: It has a composite strength that exceeds that of ordinary plastic packaging, there is no delamination and peeling phenomenon, good flexibility, and excellent heat sealing performance. Because a lot of cat litter is very heavy, it is not treated as carefully as food during storage and transportation, and it is often damaged during storage and transportation. Zhicheng color printing packaging reminds cat litter companies that it is very important to choose high-quality and high-strength vacuum packaging bags for cat litter. 4, Volume reduction: Due to vacuuming, there is no air in the package, so the volume of the product will be significantly smaller than that of the non-vacuumizing package. 5Exquisite printing: The cat litter vacuum packaging bag is the same as the rice vacuum packaging bag, which is made of high-quality vacuum packaging bag material, and the printing effect is very good, which virtually improves the product grade. 6, No pollution: no binder is added, no residual solvent pollution, green and environmental protection.

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