“Plastic packaging bags” how to choose and use plastic packaging bags correctly?

December 31, 2022

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Since the birth of plastic packaging bags, it has been loved by people for its light weight, low cost, and high strength. People have become accustomed to using plastic bags to pack things. There are many types of plastic packaging bags on the market in a wide variety of colors. So, how to distinguish between good and bad? Do we really know how to choose plastic packaging bags correctly? Although we use plastic packaging bags almost every day, we often misunderstand the selection and use of plastic packaging bags. 1. The thicker the plastic packaging bag, the better? We often see all kinds of plastic packaging bags in our lives, so the thicker the plastic packaging bags, the better? In fact, this is not the case. There are strict standards for plastic packaging bags. Especially when food is packaged in plastic bags, it must be a qualified product produced by a regular manufacturer and approved by the relevant department. So the thicker the plastic packaging bag, the better! When food is packaged in plastic bags, the words “for food” must be marked. When you hold a plastic bag up to a light you can see if the plastic is clean. Qualified plastic packaging bags are very clean and free of impurities, while inferior plastic packaging bags can see dirty spots and impurities. The thickness of one side of the plastic packaging bag must be greater than 0.025mm. If this thickness is not reached, the country will ban its use. 2. The more colors you choose for plastic packaging bags, the better? Although there are many colors in plastic packaging bags, you must be cautious and careful when choosing. If plastic packaging bags are used to hold food, try to choose a simple color, so that it contains much less additives. Many brightly colored plastic packaging bags are usually made from recycled waste and cannot directly hold food. 3. Can plastic packaging bags be reused? Many families are used to storing waste plastic bags. In fact, clean and discarded plastic bags can be stored, but do not use waste plastic bags to touch food and skin, which will cause damage to our health. The above is the whole content of “how to choose and use plastic packaging bags correctly?”.

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