Production process of flour plastic bag plastic flour bag flour plastic packaging bag

January 27, 2023


plate making:According to the order, according to the customer’s requirements, design the renderings of the flour packaging bag after printing. After confirming with the customer, hand it over to a professional plate maker. A separate template is required. Because each color needs to be processed in layers, the general packaging bag printing is mostly4~5The more complex the production, the higher the relative cost. Generally speaking, the price is calculated based on the number of templates produced. Engraved stencils are rolled in these label boxes, randomly rotated for printing, and platemaking usually requires7days or so. Plastic bag printing is generally gravure printing, mostly copper plate, and offset printing. The packaging bag printing unit installs the version and roll material, adjusts the ink, and can print.complex:Taking the printing of food packaging bags as an example, most of them are aluminum or all-aluminum. Generally, the food packaging bags we use total3~4Layers, each layer has a special function, respectively used for bonding from the inside to the outsidePElayer, the middle layer is directly used to connectPEAdhesive and textured engraved or printed layer, *outer layerPETSince the middle layer undertakes the engraving of colors and patterns, it does not have good toughness,PETLayers can be well connected, waterproofing may vary with different materials. The function is to thermally bond the printing materials of the packaging bags made of multi-layer solidify:Rolling all the composite materials into large rolls is the most important step. This can be said to be an important stage in the formation of quality. After the packaging bag is printed, it must enter the incubator. temperature at43The temperature of each bag is different. Specifically, it depends on the temperature and time of the master. It is most effective to give full play to the function of the composite machine. The longer the time is, the higher the temperature will be, the coils will stick together, and the shorter the time will be, the lower the temperature will be. *The most important thing is to delay the production and use of customers, and the products are put on and off the shelves. This is also a very important part. Generally speaking, after the packaging bag is printed, it must be cured in this12-36Hours later, it can be called qualified packaging bag printing materials.bag making:Bag making is the last online process for packaging bag printing, and various shapes can be produced according to the needs of customers. Our common packaging bag printing materials include food packaging, pet packaging bags, octagonal packaging bags, special-shaped bags, agricultural product bags, etc.

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