Recyclable Bags: Decoding Certifications and Compliance Requirements

May 25, 2023

In the realm of sustainable packaging, recyclable bags are becoming increasingly popular. Their positive environmental impact is undeniable, yet understanding the certifications and compliance requirements they come with can be quite challenging. Here’s a guide to help you decipher these key aspects.

Recyclable Bags

Recyclable Bags

Certifications for Recyclable Bags

There are a variety of certifications that attest to the environmental friendliness and recyclability of bags. Here are some important ones to look out for:

  1. Resin Identification Codes (RICs): These codes are typically found on plastic products, including bags. They indicate the type of plastic used, which is vital for effective recycling.
  2. Post-Consumer Recycled Content (PCR): This certification verifies that the product contains a specific percentage of material that has been recycled after consumer use.
  3. Recyclable Product Certification (RPC): Given by organizations such as Green Seal in the US, this certification guarantees that a product is fully recyclable.

Compliance Requirements

While certifications assure you of a bag’s recyclability, compliance requirements ensure that these products meet specific safety and sustainability standards. Some crucial compliance requirements include:

  1. Food Contact Material (FCM) Compliance: If your recyclable bags will be in contact with food, they need to meet safety standards set by entities like the FDA or the European Food Safety Authority.
  2. ISO 14000 Family: This group of standards covers various aspects of environmental management, helping organizations minimize their environmental impact.

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