Simple style of food packaging prevails-Simplicity is beauty! Corn flour vacuum packaging bag design1kgcornmeal vacuum packaging

January 31, 2023


Simple style of food packaging prevails-Simplicity is beauty! Corn flour vacuum packaging bag design1kgcornmeal vacuum packagingin the packaging industry”simple”It is everywhere, showing its huge influence and appeal.For example, in the packaging design industry, simple design is also the mainstream style of packaging design today. It advocates the simplest packaging structure, the most economical packaging materials, the most concise and neat shape, the simplest color and the most concise text and Accurate and accurate communication of information. It advocates the use of concise, lively, pure and calm abstract forms, emphasizing”less is more”The design concept of the design works is stylish and concise, without any extra decoration, allowing the viewer to understand the properties, functions, forms, etc. of the item at a glance. Simplicity: easy to spread.The structure of the packaging is simple, easy for consumers to carry, and more convenient to use; the text design and typesetting of the packaging are the most important components to convey product information. In terms of conception and performance, simplicity and conciseness have become the goals pursued by the public; The most sensitive part of communication, it has the most direct and important influence on our expression of thoughts, interests and hobbies. Packaging design pursues the purity of design language. Modern packaging design has got rid of the expression technique of relying on dazzling and colorful colors to attract consumers’ attention. Refining and using characteristic colors can help strengthen product characteristics, improve product quality and grade, and enhance the sense of the times and individual charm of products.Good packaging, easier to sell. Good packaging will reflect the following points: 11. Carry out market demand research and consumer positioning through products, and then consider packaging design. 21. The packaging reflects the characteristics of the product and the cultural connotation of the enterprise, and establishes resonance with consumers. 3Packaging product information disclosure related laws and regulations. 4, The packaging appearance design is novel and creative, easy to be eye-catching and recognized.

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