“Special-shaped packaging bags” common types of special-shaped packaging bags in life

December 25, 2022

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As society’s demand for plastic packaging bags continues to increase, plastic packaging bags continue to cover the market with their inherent features of bright colors, novel patterns, and ease of use. The market also puts forward higher requirements for plastic packaging bags. It not only requires an updated design to attract eyeballs, but also requires high barrier properties to keep the contents fresh, while requiring the shape of the packaging bag to change constantly. Therefore, as soon as the special-shaped packaging bag appeared, it attracted people’s attention with its unique shape and distinctive personality. In the supermarket, we are overwhelmed with all kinds of goods. All kinds of plastic packaging bags (especially special-shaped packaging bags) also let us feel the visual enjoyment, and we deeply feel that plastic flexible packaging has a huge market. Today, yltpacking, a professional flexible packaging manufacturer, will briefly introduce the types of special-shaped packaging bags: 1: Three-side-sealed special-shaped packaging bags are directly punched with various patterns on the three-side-sealed bags to meet the needs of daily chemicals, food, etc. Reflect the intuitive and distinctive features of the product, such as the appearance of various fruit slices (mango slices, etc.), and the packaging bag is designed to correspond to the fruit shape (mango shape, etc.). 2: By filling the bottom of self-supporting special-shaped packaging bags, various shapes of special-shaped bags can stand up, which fully reflects the three-dimensional effect of special-shaped bags, and is convenient for placing shelves in supermarkets or shopping malls. 3: Self-supporting zipper The zipper of the special-shaped packaging bag is based on the unique shape of the special-shaped bag, so that the packaging bag can be opened repeatedly. It is usually suitable for some light dry items, such as candy, dried fruit, chocolate, biscuit, jelly, tea, etc. 4: Self-supporting suction nozzle The function of the suction nozzle of the special-shaped packaging bag is to facilitate the pouring of the contents. The product after adding the suction nozzle can be sealed repeatedly, which means it can be opened and used many times. The special-shaped bag is suitable for liquid products that need to be opened many times, such as liquid beverages, shower gels, shampoos, ketchup, and edible oils. The above is the whole content of “common types of special-shaped packaging bags in life”.

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