Stand up bag’s production schedule

October 12, 2022

Stand up bag’s production schedule

  1. Preparation: Install the horizontal heat sealing knife, the bottom heat sealing blade, the reinforced heat sealing knife, and the punching device.
  2. Thread the film, set the EPC, and align the bag edge and pattern.
  3. Adjust the bottom heat sealing knife, and input the length and size, the position and direction of the knife should be aligned, and the upper knife is the reference to adjust the knife to check whether the round hole is round. Set the photoelectric sensor.
  4. Install the bottom film and adjust it to the middle fold. Adjust the bottom film and punch holes.
  5. Adjust the horizontal heat sealing to align the position of the heat sealing knife with the printing position.
  6. Adjust the strong heat sealing block and make up the pressure at the intersection of the four layers.
  7. Adjust the cutter and edge-cutting device.
  8. Confirm and adjust the punching position and heat sealing position on the bottom of the stand-up pouch. Confirm and adjust the part of the transverse heat sealing knife and strengthen the heat sealing block. Check the heat seal strength and adjust the heat seal temperature.

Stand up bag’s production (2) Stand up bag’s production

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