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Suction nozzle packaging bag is a kind of common packaging bag, which is mainly used in fruit juice, dairy products, daily chemical products and other industries. Because of its unique advantages, the suction nozzle packaging bag produced by Shenzhen YongLianTai Plastic Packing Co.,Ltd, plastic packaging adopts a new printing process, which can be achieved by local matte, aluminum plating and carving, with unique design and prominent pattern and trademark effect, which make your products more competitive in the market. This kind of packaging bag is an important link in the product from development and design, consumption and manufacturing to entering the market. Its success directly affects consumers’ trust and cognition of the product to a certain extent. The design of suction nozzle packaging bag is an innovative task aimed at marketing, promoting the implementation and sales of products, and integrating many elements such as society, economy, art, skills, mind and so on. With the increasing composition of the global economic marketization, the product sales competition is becoming more and more intense, the influence of the suction nozzle packaging bag is becoming more and more important, and the value of its invention is becoming greater and greater.

  1. At first, the suction nozzle packaging bag is to protect the products from damage in the process of consumption and sales. In the smooth process, any product can show deformation, rupture, moisture and purification caused by handling and storage. The design of suction nozzle bag can deal with the object of suction nozzle bag without deformation, rupture and metamorphosis;
  1. The suction nozzle packing bag can vilify the goods and is conducive to product promotion. Take sales as the goal, stop some or all of the products from sucking mouth bags, pay attention to the promotion effect, and attract the attention of consumers with fresh and beautiful external sucking mouth bags, so as to arouse the purchase desire of consumers;
  1. The suction nozzle packaging bag conveys the information of the product. Convey the use, usage and source of the product through the way of suction nozzle bag or the graphics and signs printed on the suction nozzle bag, so that customers can understand the basic information and practical application value of the product when purchasing, and effectively lure consumers to purchase;
  1. The added value of the suction nozzle packaging bag is implied in the value of the product, which is a detailed manifestation of the consequences of the product suction nozzle bag, and has lost compensation in the process of product sales.

In more and more plastic packaging fields, liquid suction nozzle packaging bags are widely used in drug stores, beverages, laundry liquid and so on. Because it has a rotating cover, and it is not used up after opening, and can be used again later, which ensures its tightness, hygiene and no wave. In terms of eating, it is convenient for you to drink again; In terms of washing, it can control the dosage, and then screw the cover to maintain its service life.

Stand up spout pouch
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