Standing up kraft biodegrable packaging bag ?

May 15, 2022

Standing up kraft biodegrable packaging bag ?

Are you looking for packaging and packaging materials to protect your products, make them more attractive or easy to transport or guarantee freshness? At Yongliantai, a paper packaging manufacturer, you have come to the right place. We have more than 40 different paper bags in stock, but we can also provide personalized and customized paper bags to pack your goods.

Yongliantai paper bags can be used to package food or food, such as coffee, tea, spices or flour. It is also possible to pack pet food in our paper bags, such as dog food, cat food and bird feed. Yongliantai paper bags are very environmentally friendly and are increasingly used as promotional packaging and gift packaging.

Standing up kraft biodegrable packaging bag
Standing up kraft biodegrable packaging bag (2)

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