The characteristics of the tofu cat litter vacuum packaging bag The characteristics of the tofu cat litter plastic bag What about the tofu cat litter bag?

January 26, 2023


According to the number of layers of plastic film, cat litter plastic vacuum bags can be divided into two types of vacuum bags: single film and composite film, which can be subdivided into one layer, two layers, three layers and four layers. Cat litter vacuum plastic packaging bags are widely used in shipping packaging and sales packaging. So how should we choose plastic vacuum bags? The packaging bag will recommend the selection key for us today.

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1, Puncture resistance of plastic bags after vacuum. Whether it is shipping or selling packaging, one of the important functions of packaging bags is to protect food. If most of them are punctured, there will be no protection. Therefore, we need to know whether our products have sharp and hard substances, and what level of puncture can be achieved. In the ordinary method, let the packaging manufacturer provide samples, vacuum-pack the test by yourself, and then throw, throw, press, etc., and then see if there is any bag breakage.

2. What environment is the vacuum bag used in? Including the processing environment, storage environment, and transportation environment, different environments require different plastic films and printing processes to be selected. For example, the ready-to-eat brine duck feet, after being vacuum-packed, are sterilized at high temperature and boiled, so the material requirements for the packaging bags are different. High temperature sterilization requires plastic film to withstand high temperature121Above ℃, boiling sterilization requires high temperature resistance100℃, and it is not water soluble in high temperature environment, and the water resistance is stronger.

3, Other needs for maintaining food. The purpose of using vacuum bags for food is to extend the shelf life and better preserve its color, aroma and taste. In addition to the need for puncture resistance, there are many other functional requirements. Plastic bags must have oil resistance and fragrance retention.

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