The correct way to prevent and control COVID-19 community

April 22, 2022

Everyone lives in a relatively fixed area, and the social life community composed of people living here forms a community. The community is one of the places that we often stay. So how do we do COVID-19 prevention and control in the epidemic period?

  1. Indoor air

Do not disinfect the air

Instead, open windows for ventilation

  1. Community access

Do not pull disinfection tape at the entrance of the community, and do not spray disinfectant on residents

Instead, set up temperature detection at the gate post of the community and register the entry and exit personne

  1. Community environment

Do not put disinfectant on the water body of the community

Instead, carry out patriotic health campaigns and do a good job in sorting and transporting garbage; In summer, pay attention to the breeding of mosquitoes in the water body, and put mosquito larvicide into the water body

  1. External environment disinfection

Do not spray disinfectant on the walls, ground and wheels of the community

Instead, disinfect the environmental objects in high-frequency contact with the community, such as unit door handles and elevator keys, at least once a day. It is recommended to wipe and disinfect with chlorine disinfectant

  1. Sole

Do not spray disinfectant on the soles of passers-by’s shoes

  1. Air conditioning fresh air system

Do not add disinfectant to the water tank

Instead, clean thoroughly before use and operate at the maximum fresh air volume. In case of a case, it should be stopped and terminal disinfection should be carried out

  1. Disinfection of public places

Do not spray disinfectant to the crowd when there are people in the lobby, activity center, etc

But before and after daily use, wipe the floor, seat, sports equipment, armrest, etc. with chlorine disinfectant

  1. Staff scheduling in public places

Staff in charge of different positions shall not mix shifts, and shall not be on duty at will

During the epidemic period, service personnel in public places in medium and high-risk areas are advised to assign special personnel to special posts

  1. Wearing masks for service personnel in public places

Do not use a mask repeatedly for a long time, and do not use an ordinary mask without protective effect

Instead, a medical surgical mask or above should be issued, and the maximum use time is 4 hours

  1. Training and assessment

Workers in public places cannot work directly without training

During the epidemic period, the above-mentioned staff shall receive training and pass the examination in accordance with the requirements of the epidemic prevention law and the eighth edition of prevention and control guidelines

  1. Housekeeping services

Do not use hourly workers in medium and high-risk areas

In medium and high-risk areas, it is recommended to suspend the application of hourly and multi-point practicing housekeeping services during the epidemic period to avoid cross infection

  1. Gatherings

In medium and high-risk areas, it is recommended to suspend the business of community indoor activity centers and chess and card rooms, and outdoor outdoor activities can continue to be organized, but crowd gathering should be avoided and protection measures should be taken

Wish you good health!

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