The development trend of cosmetic packaging bags in the future

December 12, 2022


According to the research on China’s cosmetic packaging bag market, the overall valuation of the global cosmetic packaging bag industry will reach 23 billion US dollars (about 115.6 billion yuan) in 2015. The latest research shows that from 2014 to 2024, the compound annual growth rate of the industry will be stable at 4.4 percent. Rising number of beauty consumers in emerging markets such as Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Latin America is believed to be the key driver for the growth of the packaging bags industry. Access to more disposable income is also one of the drivers of growth as more young people are urbanizing. The analysis pointed out that packaging bag innovation may have a greater impact on young people, and young people are the main target group of most cosmetic companies. In addition, research shows that plastic is still expected to become the first choice for cosmetic packaging bags in the future. However, glass will also hold a significant share due to its increasing application in high-end products. Environmental protection is a hot topic in recent years, and the use of paper and wood in packaging will also show an upward trend. Cosmetic packaging bags are already a relatively large growth point in the future. In the process of designing cosmetic packaging bags, the following aspects should be paid attention to: 1. Fun: In terms of interest, many female consumers are the main consumers in the cosmetics market. They have potential standards for product packaging needs. How to be fun? It can be made to look great by design. Packaging such as strange packaging shapes, anthropomorphic, materialized, colorful packaging, etc. can stimulate consumers’ desire to buy. 2. Simplicity: Generally speaking, the simple and elegant cosmetic packaging design style can easily highlight the simple, elegant and high-quality visual experience of the product. 3. Practicality: If some cosmetic outsourcing materials can be used for other storage and decoration after the product is used up, they will also add points to the product. 4. Environmental protection: The green trend should not only be reflected in the addition of natural raw materials, but also in the development and design of cosmetic packaging materials. Cosmetic packaging designers should not only consider the protective effect of packaging materials, but also consider whether these materials can be recycled to the maximum extent, and how valuable these materials are, and also consider the company’s social responsibility.

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