The Five Advantages of Flat Bottom Bags

January 5, 2022

The Five Advantages of Flat Bottom Bags

Our usual packaging bags are divided into different materials and different bag types. For example: kraft paper bags, aluminum foil bags, plastic bags, vacuum bags, such as: three-side seal bags, stand up bags, flat bottom bags, eight-side seal bags, special-shaped bags, etc. The flat bottom packaging bag is a relatively new type of bag, and it also called box bottom bags, square bottom bags, etc., It is popular because of its good three-dimensional effect and good display effect.

Flat Bottom Bags
Flat Bottom Bags

The flat bottom bag looks high-grade and is more attractive to consumers. Below, I will analyze the five advantages of the flat botom bag:

1.Standing firm is conducive to shelf display and deeply attracts consumers’ attention. It is mostly used in the fields of dried fruits, nuts, cute pets, snacks, etc., and is more popular with high-end products. The unique shape of the bag is conducive to the establishment and promotion of the brand, and plays a very good role in publicity and promotion.

2.The flat bottom packaging bag adopts flexible packaging compound, and the material is changeable. The materials can be customized according to the needs, which can meet the barrier properties, mechanical properties, printing effects and other properties of various product packaging.

3.The flat bottom bag has eight printing layouts, and there is enough space to describe the product or introduce the product.

4.Shenzhen Yongliantai Plastic Packing Co., Ltd.can help customers formulate suitable product design plans, and provide customers with suggestions from various aspects such as bag-making process, printing design, and material, so as to improve product quality, save costs, and meet customer needs.

5.Flat Bottom packaging bags are generally equipped with zippers, which are convenient for consumers to reuse,also other accessories can be with in the bag,such as the nozzle, handle, valve,etc.

Flat Bottom Bags
Flat Bottom Bags

Shenzhen Yongliantai Plastic Packing Co., Ltd. focuses on the customized production of composite flexible packaging, various bag-type bag making equipment, with multiple flat bottom sealing bag making equipment, large capacity, mature technology, and rich experience in customized production of flat bottom packaging bags.

Welcome friends who have packaging customization needs to visit our factory for inspection and negotiation, and call the page at any time to inquire about related issues, and look forward to cooperating with you!

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