The importance of material selection for beef jerky packaging bags!

January 8, 2023


As we all know, microorganisms have strong growth and reproduction ability in an environment with sufficient nutrients, water and oxygen, and the fat, protein and other components contained in food itself provide good nutritional conditions for the reproduction of microorganisms. For example, in the packaging of beef jerky, when it is in an environment with suitable oxygen and moisture, microorganisms will multiply in the food and release carbon dioxide gas, which will cause the food deterioration of the beef jerky packaging bag to expand.In order to avoid the bag expansion problem of beef jerky packaging bags during use, it is necessary to deal with it in time during its production process:First of all, for the barrier performance of beef jerky packaging bags, the oxygen transmission rate and water vapor transmission rate are tested during production to judge whether the barrier performance of the packaging materials used in beef jerky packaging bags meets the standard;Secondly, the sealing performance of the beef jerky packaging bag also affects whether the finished product will swell, so it is necessary to carry out sealing and leakage and burst pressure tests, so that we can find out whether there is any leakage problem in the finished product packaging in time, and then judge the beef through the heat seal strength test Whether the heat seal strength of the dry packaging bag meets the requirements to avoid poor heat seal when the finished product is used.In addition, the physical and mechanical properties of beef jerky packaging bags are also directly linked to various quality problems. By testing various physical and mechanical properties of packaging materials, it is possible to basically control the quality of food packaging materials and prevent unqualified packaging materials. The problem of bag expansion caused by beef jerky packaging bags

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