The mascot of the 2022 Winter Olympic mascot

February 12, 2022

Bing dwen dwen is the mascot of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics (February 4, 2022 -2022 February 20th), a panda with high-tech ice crystal shell. The official appearance of the Olympic Winter Games on September 17 symbolizes the strong will and inspiring spirit of the athletes.

However, there is no “national treasure” position in the designer’s first draft. They originally designed ice sugar gourd. Later, at the suggestion of the Winter Olympic Organizing Committee, they replaced the Hawthorn in the ice shell with the current panda.

Choosing animals as mascots seems to have become an international practice. However, the first mascot schuss, a skier, didn’t appear in the Winter Olympics with a history of nearly 100 years until 1968. Even with the Summer Olympics, it is the first.

In the 1980 Lake Placid Winter Olympics, mascots based on animals appeared for the first time. Since then, animals have gradually occupied half of the Olympic mascots.

bing dwen dwen
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