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I thought that with the arrival of the new crown vaccine, the global epidemic is expected to be controlled, but with the continuous variation of the virus, the actual situation is not so. In this regard, who officials gave a new time point at which the new crown pandemic is expected to end.

According to media reports, at a recent who press conference in Geneva, Maria van kerkhove, technical director of the WHO health emergency project, said that the new crown pandemic is very promising to end in 2022.

Maria said that novel coronavirus pneumonia and epidemic prevention measures can not only eliminate serious disease spectrum (fixed spectrum level disease process), but also reduce incidence rate and hospitalization rate, and reduce the needs of critically ill patients and severe wards. Therefore, the new crown pneumonia pandemic is very promising in 2022.

In addition, Maria also pointed out that the Omicron strain now exists in at least 77 countries / regions, and there may be cases in some other countries, but it has not been detected yet.

According to the current research data, the transmission speed of Omicron strain has exceeded that of delta strain, but the research on Omicron strain is still in the early stage.

Who director general Tan Desai once said that in most countries, those who are hospitalized and die are those who have not been vaccinated. Therefore, the main thing is still to vaccinate the unvaccinated people.

At present, about 41 countries are still unable to vaccinate 10% of their population, and 98 countries have not yet reached 40%. As long as we end inequality in vaccine distribution, we end the pandemic. If inequality is allowed to continue, the pandemic will continue.