The role of pet food packaging bagsPet food packaging bags

January 20, 2023


The pet food industry has been moving towards a more sustainable future. In order to attract consumers, companies have put all their effort into packaging bags. With the continuous development of the pet industry and the improvement of consumers’ awareness of environmental protection, will environmental protection become a new standard when people make choices? So, what can a tiny pet food packaging bag do?Pet food packaging bags are used to pack all kinds of pet food. Its quality directly affects the quality of pet food. Therefore, pet food packaging bags must also be made of new food-grade materials. For the materials of pet food packaging bags, please refer to : pet food packaging bag material, mostlyPEMade of high pressure polyethylene material,peIt is a thermoplastic resin obtained by polymerization of ethylene. Polyethylene is odorless and non-toxic,Feel like wax,good stability,Ability to resist most acid and alkali erosion.The purpose of pet food packaging bags is to protect the food, prevent the food from deteriorating and damp, and extend the life of the food as much as possible. It is also to consider the quality of the food. The second is to apply it. It’s more convenient, you don’t need to go to the food store all day to buy food, and it’s easy to carry. When you go out with your pet, you can feed your pet at any time. Isn’t it a convenient product? In addition, it The appearance of the bag is also relatively beautiful, so that you will not be unable to take it out because of its ugliness. This can reassure you. Moreover, the price of this kind of packaging bag is not high from time to time, and you can buy it in pet food stores. , both lightweight and easy to carry.The more common pet food packaging on the market includes plastic flexible packaging, self-supporting zipper bags, composite plastic packaging, paper-plastic packaging, aluminum-plastic packaging, and tinplate packaging cans. No matter what kind of packaging, the integrity of the packaging is very important. If the packaging has pores or air leaks, oxygen and water vapor will enter the packaging bag, causing qualitative changes in pet food.

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