The Secret of Food Packaging Plastic Bags

February 23, 2022

The Secret of Food Packaging Plastic Bags

Packaging bags are generally lamanited with two or more different materials, and different materials have different properties and are suitable for different foods. When food companies customize food plastic packaging bags, they should pay attention to this and make packaging suitable for the product.

1.Ordinary food and daily necessities can use BOPP/CPP/pearl film or BOPP/LDPE laminated food plastic packaging bags;


2.Puffed food, dry food, powder and other foods can use PET/CPP, BOPP/CPP, BOPP/PET/LDPE or CPP, BOPP/aluminum foil/LDOE, PET/aluminum foil/LDOE, etc.;


3.Foods and liquids that need to be refrigerated can be made of nylon/LDPE or CPP, PET/LDPE or CPP, PET/nylon film/LDPE or CPP, etc.;


4.Nylon/cooking grade CPP, PET/nylon film/cooking grade CPP film, PET/nylon film/pure aluminum foil/cooking grade CPP film, etc. can be used for high temperature cooking.


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