Two meanings of environmentally friendly plastic packaging bags

December 6, 2022


The environmental protection plastic packaging bag that is often said in life actually has two meanings: one is that it can be reused and saves resources; the other is that it can be degraded and will not pollute the environment. So, how to judge whether the environmentally friendly plastic packaging bags are environmentally friendly? I believe everyone has heard of the plastic restriction order. The country prohibits the production and use of plastic packaging bags with a single layer thickness of less than 2.5 wires. In this sense, plastic bags with a thickness of more than 2.5 filaments have a relatively high recycling rate. For plastic bags with less than 2.5 wires, the thickness of a single layer of qualified environmentally friendly plastic bags should be at least 2.5 wires, because it is too thin and the recycling rate is relatively low. Judging whether a plastic packaging bag is environmentally friendly depends not only on its thickness, but also on whether it can be degraded. Degradation here refers to degradation in a short period of time. Maybe everyone has heard or knows that it takes about 200 years for nature to completely degrade an ordinary plastic bag, while environmentally friendly plastic bags can be completely degraded in just a few years or months, thus greatly reducing the cost of plastic bags. The problem of pollution to the environment. The above is all about the “two meanings of environmentally friendly plastic packaging bags”. Hope to be of some help to you,

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