Vacuum corn flour packaging bag corn flour vacuum bag corn flour plastic bag what is the material of corn flour bag?

January 29, 2023


Corn packaging bags refer to the bags used to pack various supplies of corn, which makes the goods convenient to transport and store during the production and distribution process. Widely used in daily life and industrial production.The types of corn flour plastic packaging bags are often divided into plastic packaging bags and composite packaging bags according to the production process.Classified by raw materials: high pressure polyethylene plastic bags, low pressure polyethylene plastic bags, polypropylene plastic bags, polyvinyl chloride plastic bags, etc.Classified by shape: vest bag, straight bag, three-dimensional bag, square bottom bag. Sealed bags, adhesive strip bags, special-shaped bags, etc.Composite bag:Combining various materials with different characteristics to improve the air permeability, moisture permeability, oil resistance, water resistance, and chemical resistance of the packaging material, so as to make it play an anti-insect, dust-proof, anti-microbial, anti-light, fragrance, and odor Odor insulation, heat resistance, cold resistance, impact resistance have better mechanical strength and processing applicability, and have good printing and decorative effects.Classified according to the form of packaging: three-side seal, yin and yang bag, middle seal, pillow bag, five-side seal bag, eight-side seal bag, stand-up bag, zipper bag, straw bag, roll material, cover material, etc.Classified by function: high-yin diaphragm bag, retort film bag, antistatic film bag, antibacterial film bag, anti-fog film bag, vacuum bag, chemical-resistant film bag, oxygen-removing packaging film bag, modified atmosphere packaging film bag, etc.Classified by material: laser aluminized film composite paper material, laser transfer paper material, paper composite material, aluminum composite material, plastic composite material, fabric composite material, etc.The bag-making composite flexible packaging materials for packaging can only be used after being made into various packaging bags. There are two ways to make bags. One is that the packaging manufacturer uses roll film to fill on the automatic packaging machine, and then molds and packs it into various packaging bags; the other is because the bag making machine makes various packaging bags and then fills the contents. . Due to the control of bag making, the bag shape is beautiful, the bag making changes greatly, and there are many bag shapes. Therefore, in quite a few cases, bags are made first.The main varieties of bags are: three-side seal bag, back seal bag, four-side seal bag, zipper stand-up bag, eight-side seal bag, etc.

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