Welcome to the life of eco-friendly shopping bags …

December 29, 2021


Welcome to the life of eco-friendly shopping bags …

Biodegradable bag (3)

Did you have any ideas that 1 million plastic packaging are used per minute around the people in life? Far beyond of this number end up into ocean or land. The EU has banned the use of ordinary plastic bags.

What I recommend to you today is a shopping bag that is 100% Biodegradable and is conducive to the sustainable development of our human beings.

Biodegradable bag (2)
Biodegradable bag
  • We stop the normal plastic used to make the bag from ending up someone or somewhere re-throw away the White pollution in ocean.
  • Its raw materials come from corn starch or plant materials (PLA). This can be helpful for our eco-sytem. Our shopping bag never come from petroleum refining.
  • It can not 100% biodegradable and compostable. (Test reports approved)
  • Biodegradation with CO2 + H2O
  • Compostable around 180days in landfill.

We can offer “ one-stop” professional packaging bag service in market:

Design + Suggest Size + Sampling + Production + Shipment + 24H/D After Sales Service Team.

Welcome for customized order and we can solve your packaging problem to help promote your product business much more match marketing sales. Any questions or RFQ please kindly feel free contact us and we will reply you within 12hours.

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