What are the advantages of the flat bottom bag?

October 10, 2022


What are the advantages of the flat bottom bag?

The flat bottom bag also known flat bottom ziplock bag, multilateral sealed bag, flat bottom zipper bag, block bottom bag, square bottom bag ect. It is suitable for food, clothes and shopping ect.

This product has the following core advantages:

  1. The flat bottom bag is beautiful and generous, and the shelf display effect is perfect. Zippers and other processes can be added.
  2. Unique appearance, attracting the attention of consumers, is conducive to brand building.
  3. Flat bottom bag has large capacity.
  4. According to the combination of different materials, thickness, moisture and oxygen barrier, metal effect and printing effect, bags with different performance characteristics can be made to meet the performance needs of various foods and extend the shelf life of foods.

flat bottom bag (2) flat bottom bag

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