What are the advantages of vacuum packaging bags in the “packaging bag” packaging industry?

December 11, 2022

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Vacuum packaging bag, as the name suggests, is a package that is vacuumized and stored after the product is packaged. In our life, a large number of products are packed in vacuum bags to protect the products in the package. So, what are the advantages of vacuum packaging bags in the packaging industry? 1. The cost of vacuum packaging bags is relatively low. Compared with other packaging such as iron sheet packaging and glass packaging, if the vacuum packaging bag has the same barrier effect, the production process is simple, and the cost of materials such as film for processing is much lower than that of glass and metal materials. 2. The volume of the vacuum packaging bag is relatively small. Co-extruded film can be packaged through vacuum shrinkage, with a volume ratio of nearly 99%, which is unmatched by glass, tin cans and paper packaging. 3. High barrier properties of vacuum packaging bags. The barrier properties of different plastic materials vary greatly, and they all have high barrier effects on oxygen, water, carbon dioxide, odor, etc. 4. The vacuum packaging bag has high strength. In the process of processing, it has the characteristics of stretching. After stretching, the strength of the plastic can be increased accordingly. Plastic materials such as nylon and polyethylene can also be added in the middle, so that the composite strength of the plastic packaging is higher than that of ordinary plastic packaging, and there is no delamination. Phenomenon, good flexibility, excellent heat sealing performance. 5. The vacuum packaging bag is pollution-free. No binder is added during the production process, and there are no problems such as residual solvents, which is green and environmentally friendly. 6. The vacuum packaging bag has a wide range of applications. It can be used in food, electronics, hardware, chemical, textile and other industries that require vacuum environment. The above is what are the advantages of vacuum packaging bags in the “packaging bag” packaging industry? “‘s entire content.

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