What are the bag types and materials of food plastic packaging bags?

January 14, 2023

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Now there are many kinds of food in the market, and there are all kinds of food, and the outer packaging bags of small food are also made of various materials, but most of the small food are packaged in plastic packaging bags, because plastic packaging bags are light and have good printing effect. And it is convenient for storage and transportation. So, what bag types and materials are there for food plastic packaging bags?First of all, in terms of packaging form, there are the following types of food plastic packaging bags: 1, non-reusable and plastic bags.Ordinary three-side seal, four-side seal, and eight-side seal plastic packaging bags are all such plastic packaging bags. Once the bag seal is opened, it cannot be sealed and used again.Generally, this kind of plastic packaging bag is used for foods that can be eaten at one time or in small quantities. Especially now that small food plastic packaging bags are developing in the direction of smaller and smaller specifications. Small and beautiful food plastic packaging bags can not only distinguish products in more detail, create more types of selling points, but also really facilitate consumers. Not only It is easy to carry and will not cause waste due to improper storage. 2, Plastic bags that can be sealed and stored repeatedly.Zipper packaging bags and self-adhesive plastic packaging bags are all such plastic packaging bags. After the bag is opened, it can be sealed again. OK. Many dried fruits, nuts, dry spices, powdered foods, and foods that cannot be eaten at one time are mostly used in plastic packaging bags with zippers or self-adhesive plastic packaging bags with glue.In terms of material, there are many materials that can be used as small food plastic packaging bags. Each material has its own characteristics and is suitable for packaging different types of small food. Specifically, there are the following types: 1, Ordinary composite plastic bags. This kind of plastic packaging bag is generallyPE, Nylon as the main material, as long as you choose food-grade raw material film when compounding, it can basically be used as most small food plastic packaging bags. 2, Plastic bags containing aluminum. Generally, there are aluminum foil plastic bags, aluminized plastic bags and pure aluminum plastic bags. This kind of plastic packaging bag has excellent light-proof and moisture-proof performance, and also has excellent heat-sealing performance. Except for some plastic packaging bags made of certain materials, such as medicines, this kind of material is more than enough for small food plastic packaging bags. 3Some functional plastic bags. Including high-temperature retortable plastic packaging bags, low-temperature frozen food plastic packaging bags, vacuum food plastic packaging bags, etc., they all have corresponding material requirements and process requirements, this type of food plastic packaging bags can be reasonable according to your product type choose.

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