What are the cat food packaging bag processing factories?

January 19, 2023

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Aluminum foil is the most commonly used material in cat food packaging bags. It has many advantages such as light weight, good insulation, and strong stability. It is one of the indispensable materials in the printing of flexible packaging bags. Especially for food packaging bagsFeatures of aluminum foil for cat food packaging bags: 1.Light weight, metallic luster, good light resistance, high reflection ability to heat and light, metallic luster and reflection ability can improve the brightness of printed colors; 2.Good insulation, strong protection, impervious to gas and water vapor, prevent the contents from absorbing moisture and gasification, and are not easy to be attacked by bacteria and insects; 3.Good shape stability, not affected by humidity changes. Easy to process, aluminum foil can be printed, colored, embossed, surface coated, glued and painted, etc.; 4.It cannot be stressed, has no seal, has pinholes and is easy to wrinkle, so it is not used alone in general, and is usually processed into composite materials with paper and plastic films, which overcomes the shortcomings of no seal, and its insulation And other advantages are also fully brought into play.Aluminum foil for cat food packaging bags is widely used in the packaging fields of food and medicine. Aluminum foil is combined with plastic film, which effectively utilizes the characteristics of high temperature resistance and complete shading to make retort bags, vacuum packaging bags, and can be used for packaging cooked food. For food, multi-layer composite films are also used for biscuits, snacks, beverages and other small food packaging.New high barrier packaging material(Commonly used high barrier packaging materials include aluminum foil, nylon, polyester, polyvinylidene chloride, etc.)With the improvement of food maintenance requirements. New high-barrier plastic packaging materials have been widely used abroad. The use of high-strength and high-barrier plastics can not only improve the protection of food, but also reduce the amount of plastic used when packaging the same amount of food. Anti-static vacuum bags generally use high-quality composite packaging materials for processed foods that require high barrier protection, vacuum packaging, and inflatable packaging, and there must be more than one layer of high-barrier materials in multi-layer composite materials. For example, nano-modified new high-barrier packaging materials nano-composite polyamide, vinyl—Vinyl alcohol copolymer, polyvinyl alcohol, etc.Food packaging bag materials must have high barrier properties. Oily food requires high oxygen resistance and oil resistance;Dry food requires high moisture resistance, in order to ensure the smooth sailing of packaged food. Fragrant food requires high aroma retention;Fresh fruits and vegetables require packaging with high gas permeability for oxygen, carbon dioxide and water vapor. In addition, food packaging materials must have high tensile strength, tear resistance, impact resistance, good chemical stability, and no chemical reaction with the food inside to ensure food safety.;In addition, it must have high temperature resistance to meet the requirements of high-temperature disinfection and low-temperature storage of food.Some customers have many questions about the quotation of the cat food packaging bag printing factory, why the cost is so high, whether they hacked my money and other questions, the following is a brief explanation of how the cost calculation of plastic packaging is composed:In fact, the main cost of cat food packaging bags is generally divided into three parts: one is the cost of main raw materials, which is the cost of raw materials consumed;Second, wages and wage surcharges for production workers;Third, various processing costs include printing costs and manufacturing costs. 1, Direct materials are directly entered into each production variety by means of picking list, without allocation. 2Including wages and other processing costs and manufacturing costs, after summarization, certain methods and standards are adopted to allocate them to each category. The commonly used method is to use the actual man-hours and planned man-hours for the production of the plastic packaging bag as the allocation standard, that is, the numerator is the various expenses consumed in the production of all products, and the denominator is the sum of the actual man-hours required to produce these products. is the distribution rate. By multiplying this allocation rate by the man-hours consumed to produce each item, the actual allocated cost of the item is calculated. 31. The cost of materials plus the cost of expenses is the entire manufacturing cost of the plastic packaging bag. Note that the period expenses do not participate in the expense allocation, they can directly reduce the profit of the year.

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