What are the characteristics and advantages of “kraft paper bags” kraft paper packaging bags?

December 26, 2022

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Nowadays, when entering a supermarket, many people will be dazzled by the dazzling array of packaging bags. Now, the products of many manufacturers have tried their best to innovate the packaging to attract consumers’ attention. Or colorful, or different shapes, or warm words, each has its own characteristics. As the first thing consumers see on the shelf, packaging bags first become an important factor that attracts consumers to buy. Kraft paper bags have also risen in line with the situation, symbolizing individuality and high-end, becoming the new favorite of some product packaging bags and sought after by consumers.

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kraft paper bags

In recent years, in the world of fashion and food, everyone has been recalling and recreating the classics, especially the kraft paper bag, which is very popular among consumers. When it comes to kraft paper bags, the first thing that comes to mind is the kraft paper in ancient TV sets. Ancient people used kraft paper to directly package food. Now, what impresses everyone the most is the takeaway package of KFC and McDonald’s. The natural brown color of the brown paper looks like a warm nostalgic feeling, and there is also a white kraft paper bag, which I believe many people like very much. The natural brown and white of kraft paper can give people a healthy and nostalgic impression. The packaging of kraft paper bags not only reflects the concept of health and environmental protection, but also highlights the high-end, which is consistent with the high-end concept of today’s consumers pursuing healthy eating and use. The kraft paper bag is combined with the current popular culture to convey the brand image in a more acceptable way. Because kraft paper has a special natural color, compared with other effects that can only be achieved through complex printing processes, kraft paper can obtain unique visual effects through simple processing and printing. It can be said that the personalized packaging of products has become an important sales highlight. Moreover, the kraft paper packaging bag has small stretchability, is not affected by heat and light, and has better stability; the opacity of the paper can provide hidden isolation, so that some products cannot be seen from the outside of the package (except for those with windows), which satisfies the needs of people. curiosity.

Kraft paper bags also have good air permeability, softness, strength and controlled tearing properties. Kraft paper bags became popular in 2010, and the range of kraft paper bags is getting wider and wider. Kraft paper bags can be seen everywhere, from electronic products to peripheral accessories, from snack food kraft paper bags to clothing kraft paper bags. The reason why kraft paper bags are popular in the market is closely related to their excellent performance and environmental protection. The above is the whole content of “the characteristics and advantages of kraft paper packaging bags”.

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