What are the characteristics and advantages of waterproof self-sealing packaging bags?

December 11, 2022

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Some food packaging bags require high airtightness to ensure that the product can be stored during production without changing its taste, and waterproof ziplock bags are one of them. So, what are the advantages and characteristics of waterproof self-sealing packaging bags? 1. High barrier properties: Waterproof self-sealing packaging bags are mainly made of composite films with high barrier properties of different plastic materials, so as to achieve high barrier effects on oxygen, carbon dioxide, water, odor, etc. 2. Performance and use: moisture-proof, oil-resistant, low-temperature freezing resistance, freshness preservation, quality preservation, fragrance retention, and can be used for vacuum packaging, aseptic packaging, and inflatable packaging. 3. Low cost: Compared with glass packaging, aluminum foil packaging, etc., waterproof self-sealing packaging bags have the same barrier effect, and its co-extruded film has a greater advantage in cost. Because of its simple process, the cost can be reduced by ten to twenty percent. 4. Strength: The co-extruded film has the characteristic of stretching during processing, and the strength of the plastic will increase accordingly after stretching. At the same time, plastic materials such as nylon and polyethylene can be added in the middle to make the composite strength higher than ordinary plastic packaging without delamination. It has excellent flexibility and excellent heat sealing performance. 5. Small volume ratio: the co-extrusion film can be packaged by vacuum shrinkage,

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