What are the characteristics of “plastic packaging bags” that meet the standards of food packaging bags?

December 16, 2022

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The hygienic quality of food packaging bags is directly related to the safety of the food in the packaging. Ensure that the raw materials and additives used must meet the quality requirements of the management system. Strictly implement national standards, strengthen food packaging inspection and supervision, prevent unqualified food packaging from entering the market, strengthen management, and ensure the healthy development of packaging. 1. The appearance should be free from defects such as bubbles, perforations, water lines and plastic defects. 2. The deviations of specifications, length, width and thickness shall be within the specified range. 3. The tensile length and fracture growth rate of the packaging bag are the necessary items for the inspection of the packaging bag. The printing quality of food packaging bags will directly affect the sales performance of food in the market. The printing of food packaging bags is not complicated. This mainly depends on whether the quality selection of printing ink is correct. Good printing inks will not have quality problems during printing or packaging. Food packaging bags are being labeled with information about the food. Poorly printed bags can affect people, even if the food isn’t great. Therefore, the printing should also be beautiful and directly reflect the food. Good ink standard: 1. High adhesion, the ink will not fall off by itself. 2. The pattern of the ink should be clear and the color contrast should be moderate. The above is about the characteristics of “plastic packaging bags” that meet the standards of food packaging bags? The entire content of “. I hope it will be of some help to you,

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