What are the materials of rice packaging bags?

January 17, 2023

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1. Material 1: Nylon composite film, the rice packaging bag of this material is a high-grade packaging bag, which can be vacuum-packed for rice, with various specifications such as 2.5KG, 5KG, 10KG, etc., can be printed in color, and can be equipped with a handle. There are more rice vacuum packaging bag materials used in the market. Its material characteristics are as follows: Nylon composite film, characterized in that: from top to bottom, there are nylon layer, polyethylene layer, nylon layer, and an adhesive for bonding is sandwiched between the upper nylon layer and polyethylene layer Layer, between the polyethylene layer and the lower nylon layer is also interposed with an adhesive layer for bonding. The nylon composite membrane has a simple structure, and because the middle layer is a polyethylene layer and the upper and lower layers are nylon layers, it can withstand high temperatures and has a wider application range. 2. Material 2: plastic woven bag, this kind of material is mostly customized to print rice packaging bags with large specifications such as 10KG, 15KG, and 20KG. Its material characteristics are as follows: Material woven bags are composed of polypropylene bags and polyethylene bags according to the main materials; according to the sewing method, they are divided into seam bottom bags and seam bottom bags. At present, it is widely used as a packaging material for fertilizers, chemical products and other items. Its main production process is to use plastic raw materials to extrude film, cut, and unidirectionally stretch into flat yarn, and then weave warp and weft to obtain products, which are generally called woven bags. 3. Material 3: kraft paper plastic bag, custom-made packaging bags of this material, mostly 2.5KG, 5KG. Kraft paper plastic rice packaging bags can be customized in small batches, and the minimum order quantity can be thousands of pieces, so it can effectively reduce the packaging cost of rice merchants, but the printing effect and grade of rice packaging bags are no less than composite rice vacuum bags. Its material properties are as follows: Kraft paper-plastic composite bags are mostly made of kraft paper and plastic products when they are processed. It is usually processed by some polyethylene materials and polypropylene materials, while kraft paper is processed by some fine compound special kraft paper. processed. The two are bonded by molten plastic thermal lamination. The kraft paper coated cloth is formed into a bag, and then processed and sewn into a three-in-one paper-plastic bag for packaging and plastic sealing of items. Features: It has high strength and good waterproof performance, and the product is also very beautiful in appearance. A self-sealing strip can be added to make the entire product packaging bag stand up. The combination of kraft paper and plastic film makes the product packaging almost perfect!

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