What are the principles for the selection of food packaging materials for fruit and vegetable powder packaging bags?

January 3, 2023

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In today’s society, the relationship between packaging and commodities is getting closer and closer. If you want to occupy a place in the increasingly competitive market, packaging design is essential. Even some merchants regard packaging as an important means of competition, and start to spare no expense and rack their brains. Many packaging designs that cater to the trend of the times exude new vitality in the competition of the commodity market. How to stand out from the crowd of packaging is not only the appearance design of the packaging, but also the proper use of packaging materials, so how to choose a suitable packaging material for your products? Come and explore with me!1. The principle of adaptabilityPackaging materials are used to package products, and products must be circulated to reach consumers, and the circulation conditions of various products are not the same, so the selection of packaging materials should be adapted to the circulation conditions. Circulation conditions include climate, transportation mode, circulation object and circulation cycle, etc. Climatic conditions mean that packaging materials should adapt to the temperature, humidity, and humidity difference of the circulation area. For environments with harsh weather conditions, more attention should be paid to the selection of packaging materials. Transportation methods include labor, automobiles, trains, ships, planes, etc., which are insensitive to packaging materials. The performance requirements are not the same, and the temperature and humidity conditions and vibration are very different. Therefore, the packaging materials must adapt to the different requirements of various transportation methods. Circulation objects refer to the recipients of packaged products, depending on the country, region, and nation. There are different requirements for the specifications, colors, and patterns of packaging materials, which must be adapted. Circulation cycle refers to the predetermined period for goods to reach consumers. Some goods, such as food, have a short shelf life, and some can be longer, such as daily necessities, clothing, etc., and their packaging materials should meet these needs.Click to add a picture description (up to60words)2. The principle of coordinationPackaging materials should be coordinated with the functions undertaken by the packaging. Product packaging is generally divided into single packaging, middle packaging and outer packaging, and they have different effects on the product. Individual packaging is also called small packaging, and its materials are in direct contact with the product, mainly to protect product quality, and flexible packaging materials are often used, such as plastic film, paper, aluminum foil, etc. Medium packaging refers to the combination of small packaged goods into a small whole, such as5Bag500gThe fruit and vegetable powder packaging is packed in a carton. Outer packaging is also called large packaging, which is a container that is packaged in one body. It is mainly used to ensure the safety of commodities in circulation, and is convenient for loading, unloading, transportation, and transportation. Therefore, it is also called transportation packaging. The packaging materials should first meet the shockproof function.3. Principle of EquivalenceWhen choosing packaging materials, the quality of the packaged objects should be distinguished first, that is, they can be roughly divided into three grades: high, medium and low. For high-end products, such as instruments, instruments, etc., the price itself is relatively high. In order to ensure safe circulation, packaging materials with excellent performance should be selected. In addition, for export commodity packaging and cosmetic packaging, although not all high-end products, in order to meet the psychological requirements of consumers, high-end packaging materials are often required. For mid-range products, in addition to considering the aesthetics, more economical considerations should be considered, and the packaging materials should be equivalent to it. For low-end products, which generally refer to the category with the largest consumption by people, they should be affordable. With economy as the first consideration, low-grade packaging materials can be selected.Click to add a picture description (up to60words)4. Aesthetic principlesWhether the packaging of the product conforms to the aesthetics determines the fate of a product to a large extent. From the selection of packaging materials, the color and transparency of the material are mainly considered. Stiffness, type, etc. Different colors have different effects. For example, it is better to use light colors for refrigerators, and the colors used must also conform to the traditional habits of the sales targets. The material has good transparency, which makes people feel comfortable and clear at a glance. The stiffness is good, giving people a sense of beauty and generosity, and the display effect is good. Different types of materials have very different aesthetics, such as packaging candy with plastic film and wax paper, and the effect is very different.The material of packaging design is one of the important factors that determine the visual effect of packaging. Only by choosing the appropriate packaging material can the elements such as color, text, and shape have a complete and excellent display.

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