What are the printing types of vacuum bags?

December 15, 2022

Feynman yltpacking.com

What are the printing types of vacuum bags? More and more vacuum bags are used in daily life. Nowadays, many foods must be packaged in vacuum packaging bags to ensure product quality, avoid food spoilage, and extend shelf life. But do you know that there are several types of vacuum bag printing? 1. Letterpress printing 2. Gravure printing 3. Plateless digital printing Among them, the first two printing methods are widely used, and the printed products produced by the first two methods account for most of the printed products produced every year. Then make a brief description of the first two printing processes! One: Letterpress printing When ink is applied to the raised exterior, and a sheet of paper is applied to the inked exterior, the ink is transferred to the paper. A printing method using this principle is called letterpress printing. Letterpress printing is the oldest printing method. Today, many different printing plates are used on different types of presses to print a wide variety of products, including newspapers, books and magazines. Two: Gravure Printing Gravure printing transfers ink from a prominent appearance to paper, while gravure printing is the opposite process. In the gravure printing process, the ink is transferred from the recessed appearance to the paper, and the graphics on the intaglio are partially lower than or sunken into the appearance of the printing plate. In the printing process, the ink is first applied to the entire surface of the printing plate, then the printing plate is wiped clean so that the ink remains in the recesses of the printing plate, and the paper is pressed against the printing plate, and the ink is transferred to the paper . What about… plateless digital printing? (Check out the article “Digital Printing Equipment Introduced by yltpacking”!) The above is all about “What are the types of vacuum bag printing?”.

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