What are the sterilization methods of “packaging roll film” food packaging roll film?

December 18, 2022

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As a kind of food storage container, packaging roll film is often concerned by us for its safety. There are a large number of invisible microorganisms in the air. If the sterilization effect of the packaging container is not obvious or the protection is not proper, it may cause secondary pollution, and eventually people may vomit and get sick after eating the contaminated food! So, how can sterilization be really effective and ensure food safety, and what are the methods? What issues should we consider during the sterilization process? Generally speaking, vacuum high-temperature cooking and sterilization can effectively kill 99 kinds of bacteria, but it is only suitable for products that have little effect on taste and will not deform after being heated. The rolled film usually contains products such as candy, biscuits and coffee powder, and does not allow high-temperature sterilization. After heating, the shape and taste of the product will change, which will affect the sales of the product. In order to effectively sterilize and greatly maintain the taste of the product, we usually use ozone sterilization and ultraviolet light sterilization. Ozone sterilization: Ozone is a strong oxidant, and the sterilization process is a biochemical oxidation reaction. Ozone first acts on the cell membrane, causing damage to the membrane components and causing metabolic disorders. Ozone continues to permeate the membrane, destroying lipoproteins and lipopolysaccharides in the membrane, changing the permeability of the cells, leading to cell lysis and death. Ozone water combined with membrane separation process and aseptic filling system can sterilize production equipment, which can be used in the production of soy sauce, vinegar and wine in the brewing industry to improve product quality and grade. Ultraviolet sterilization: Ultraviolet sterilization uses ultraviolet wavelengths to destroy the molecular structure of deoxyribonucleic acid (deoxyribonucleic acid) or ribonucleic acid (ribonucleic acid) in bacteria and viruses, resulting in the death of growing cells and/or regenerative cells, thereby achieving the effect of sterilization and disinfection. Ultraviolet sterilizing effect is strong, but the penetrating power to objects is very weak. Generally speaking, the penetration ability of ultraviolet sterilization is poor, and the cost is about equal to that of ozone sterilization. It is recommended to use naked ozone sterilization method to increase the contact area and achieve better sterilization effect. What is described above is “What are the sterilization methods of “packaging roll film” food packaging roll film? “The entire content of “./www.jhxbzd.com/). Shenzhen yltpacking Plastic Products Co., Ltd., as a professional packaging bag with 19 years of experience in flexible packaging production Plate printing equipment can undertake the design of packaging bags in various industries and fields, and solve the problem of product marketing differentiation for your enterprise!

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