What food needs vacuum packaging bags?

November 7, 2022


What food needs vacuum packaging bags?

vacuum packaging bags

There are all kinds of snacks on the market, cooked food, pickles, cosmetics, daily necessities, all inseparable from the packaging bag. In particular, there are so many kinds of food. Some food packaging bags are vacuum, while others contain air. For example, the packaging bag of potato chip food is filled with oil and air, which can support the whole packaging bag and make it look good. The potato is relatively crisp and easily broken when it is touched, so air must be injected during packaging to prevent potato chips from breaking during transportation and affecting sales. 

The food packaging bags for potato chips need to be filled with air, but some packaging bags need to draw out air. 

Now let’s take a look at those foods that need vacuum packaging bags! 

  1. Chicken feet belong to cooked food pickles. They need vacuum packaging to empty the air. Cooked food has a short storage period and is easy to deteriorate when exposed to air. Generally, they are vacuum packaging bags. 
  2. Chicken wings and drumsticks, with spicy chicken feet on them – sample, vacuum package bags. 
  3. Pickled vegetables and pickled bamboo shoots have some juice besides pickled bamboo shoots, so vacuum packaging is very important. A little bad packaging will easily deteriorate. 

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The above is what food needs vacuum food packaging bags. I believe you have a definite understanding of vacuum food packaging bags. If you want to purchase customized food packaging bags, please contact us YLT packaging company. YLT packaging company has customized various bag type packaging bags, three side sealing bags, four side sealing bags, self-service bags, shaped bags, etc., and customized various bags according to customer’s requirements.


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