What is a food packaging bag? what materials are there

January 6, 2023

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Introduction to food bags: food bags are a common plastic packaging bag in our daily life. Whether it is shopping snacks in supermarkets or online, there are all kinds of packaging bags. Each product and brand uses the same bag. It is not the same, but we can collectively call it a food packaging bag. Food packaging bags are generally made ofPEpolyethylene andPPMade of polypropylene, food packaging bags are almost always made of synthetic resin in plastics. Resin is the main component of plastics, and it is also an indispensable component. It acts as an adhesive and can form the structure of plastics. As a whole, although many types of additives are now added to change the properties of plastic bags, resin is the foundation for determining the type and performance of plastics.Food bag material: food aluminum foil bag material is divided into two types, one is general packaging, the other is suitable for high temperature cooking, the material used in general packaging:PE,NY,AL,PE, the materials used for high-temperature cooking are:PET,NY,AL,CPP.Food bag features: 1, in line with the national food packaging bag standards; 2, Green and pollution-free, environmentally friendly materials; 3, can be customized; 4, can spray any style; 5, Can be used in high and low temperature; 6insulation; 7, quality assurance;Food bag scope of application:Preserved meat, meat, fish, eggs, seafood, chicken, duck, quick-frozen food, fresh food, pickled food, pickles, pickles, tempeh, etc., can keep fragrance, freshness, quality, and Taste, color retention.

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