What is snack food packaging?

November 16, 2022


What is snack food packaging?

Leisure food, in fact, is also a kind of fast-moving consumer goods, is in people’s leisure, the rest of the food to eat. Food That’s fun to eat. The main categories are: dried fruit, puffed food, candy, meat products and so on. With the improvement of living standards, leisure food has been deeply loved by the masses of the food. Walking into the supermarket, you’ll find chips, chips, shrimp chips, snow cones, dried fruit, custard, plum blossoms, peanuts, pine nuts, almonds, pistachios, fish fillets, jerky, Five-spice powder fried meats and other snack foods. With the development of economy and the improvement of consumption level, the demand for the quantity and quality of leisure food is increasing. Subsequently, the frequency of use of snack food packaging has also increased significantly. 

snack food packaging

Leisure food packaging bags with high barrier, shading, fragrance, Shenzhen Yongliantai packaging bag permeability, fine printing. Low storage and transportation costs, this kind of food bags suitable for shelf-selling characteristics. The material structure of the plastic food packaging bag is PET, Bopp, VMPET, PE, etc. . This product is suitable for all kinds of dried fruit, dried fruit, snack food and other products. With the unceasing disclosure of the making and selling of fake things, especially the safety problems of plastic bags, people’s primary concern is not the function of packaging bags, but its safety. However, Qingdao in the development of plastic industry packaging bags, consumers can rest assured that leisure food packaging is not toxic and there is no special smell. It is green production products, environmental protection products, but also in line with national health standards of the packaging bag 

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