What is Stand Up Pouch?

October 31, 2022


What is Stand Up Pouch?

Stand up pouch is bag/pouch that has the ability to stand on its own. The stand up pouch design and construction have evolved over the years to include innovative design features like the reusable zipper, convenient tear notches for easy opening, and some styles have a window for easy viewing. Today, the stand up pouch is the go-to packaging choice for many well-known brands. Companies are using these airtight bags for candy packaging, coffee packaging, tea packaging, pet packaging, beauty product packaging, and more.

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A stand up pouch is made of multiple layers of barrier materials that have been laminated together to create one continuous sheet. The barrier materials and bag construction determine the durability and shelf life of your packaging. The chosen materials also determine the potential risk of bag punctures, leaks, and tears. Therefore, choosing a higher quality bag will ultimately mean fewer problems down the road. There are typically 2-3 layers in the construction of a stand up pouch. There is an outer layer, a middle layer, and an inner layer. Each layer provides a barrier of protection to protect and preserve the contents from environmental elements including moisture, UV light, oxygen, and external odors.

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And what are the popular material for the stand up pouch? See below:

  1. PET/PE- Glossy Surface and clear
  2. PET/PET/PETAL/PE-Glossy Surface, one side clear and one side with aluminum foil
  3. PET/PETAL/PE-Glossy Surface and with silver color if without printing
  4. MOPP/PET/PE-Matte Surface and frosted clear.
  5. MOPP/PETAL/PE-Matte Surface, one side frosated clear and one side with aluminum foil
  6. MOPP/PETAL/PE-Matte Surface and with silver color if without printing

The stand up pouch is dominating the packaging world. Top brands are transitioning from traditional rigid packaging such as jars, canisters, tins, and boxes to the flexible stand up pouch. The bags are stored flat whereby saving valuable retail space. And, because they are extremely lightweight. They are saving a ton in shipping costs.

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So if you would like to save your packaging cost and shipping cost, please feel free to contact us to know more about stand up pouch. We will recommend the best materials for your products. 

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