What is the cause of the inflation of the “packaging bag” food vacuum packaging bag?

December 11, 2022

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Food vacuum packaging bags use vacuum to remove oxygen, extend the shelf life of food, and maintain the original flavor for a long time. But why do food vacuum packaging bags sometimes have flatulence? How should packaging bag manufacturers prevent this from happening? Next, yltpacking will tell you what causes the flatulence of food vacuum packaging bags. 1. Reasons for vacuum packaging bag materials Nylon and polyester are commonly used materials for vacuum packaging bags. The difference is that nylon has better barrier and puncture resistance than polyester. Nylon is needed if the packaged food has edges and corners, or sharp food such as bones and thorns. If it is meat or food with relatively large oil properties, you can choose a vacuum packaging bag with better texture. Because the textured vacuum packaging bag is made of seven-layer co-extruded material, and the texture is printed on one side, the food can be vacuumed without dead ends, and the effect is better. 2. Problems in the sterilization process of food production. If there is no problem with the material of the vacuum bag, consider again whether the bag expansion phenomenon is caused by incomplete sterilization during the food production process and rapid growth of bacteria in the vacuum bag. This often happens with vacuum packaging of meat products! The inspection method is simple, put an appropriate amount of rice (rice usually does not contain gas-producing bacteria) into the bag, and leave it for half a month after vacuuming. If the expansion of the bag does not occur, it means that the sterilization during the use of the vacuum bag is not complete. At this point, the sterilization process should be adjusted. Vacuum bag, also called decompression packaging, is to pump out all the air in the packaging container and seal it up to keep the bag in a highly decompressed state. The lack of air is equivalent to the effect of low oxygen, so microorganisms have no living conditions to achieve the purpose of fresh fruit, and there is no occurrence of disease and rot. At present, there are plastic bag vacuum packaging, aluminum foil packaging, glassware packaging and so on. Vacuum bags mainly include suction type, rolling type and sitting type. The suction type exhausts the air through an externally connected suction device such as a suction pump or a vacuum cleaner. Then, the question arises, why do vacuum bags prevent food from getting moldy? Vacuum bags can draw the air out of the bag through a vacuum extractor, isolating the food from bacteria and water in the air. Without the living medium that bacteria need, mold can be prevented naturally. Food mold and deterioration is due to contact with air, which is oxidized by oxygen in the air! Vacuum packaging eliminates contact between air and food so that food can be kept longer. What is described above is “What is the cause of the inflation of the “packaging bag” food vacuum packaging bag? “‘s entire content.

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