What is the difference between a stand up bag and a flat bottom bag?

August 5, 2022


What is the difference between a stand up bag and a flat bottom bag?

When we buy food in shopping malls, we often see many of them standing for sale. Many of the standing food packaging bags are stand up bags and flat bottom bags. So which are stand up  bags and which are flat bottom bags? How can we tell the difference? We will introduce to you: 

1. What is stand up bag

Stand-up bag is a type of flexible packaging which is able to stand erect on its bottom for display, storage, and use. It is a type of plastic bag but sometimes also has plastic bottle characteristics. Daypacks are commonly used for powders or ready-to-drink beverages. The bottom part of a stand-up bag is gusseted to provide support for display or use.stand up bag

2. What is flat bottom bag

 Flat-bottom bag is a five-sided, free-standing pouch with a flat, rectangular base. It has material for greater space and strength, known as gussets, on both the left and right side of the pouch, with a fastener on top.

Most flat bottom bags are made with multiple layers to protect against external factors such as light, oxygen, moisture, and heat.

flat bottom bag

3. The difference between stand up bag and flat bottom bag

After the previous description, the differences are pronounced. First, the bottom of the stand up packaging bag is not flat, but the flat bottom bag is; secondly, the number of sealing edges is different, there are 4 stand up packaging bags and 8 eight-sided packaging bags; third, the number of display surfaces is different, the stand up packaging bag has only are two, but there are five in the flat bottom bag. Overall, the flat bottom bag is superior to the stand up bag, more three-dimensional and more stable; the cost is also more expensive, and the technical requirements are also higher. 

stand up bag (2) flat bottom bag (2)

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