What is the difference between the commonly used composite packaging bags and aluminum foil packaging bags for “Yutu Pounding Rice Cakes”?

December 11, 2022

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Aluminum foil bag refers to a composite bag, which is filled with aluminum foil. According to the unique properties of aluminum, the sealant manufactures aluminum foil bag products by dry compounding aluminum and other high barrier materials. The main film substrates of composite bags include: external printable film BOPABOPETBOPP, internal heat-sealable film CPPPE and coextruded film. Aluminum foil is also one of them, and these materials are often used as the middle layer. According to the needs, the plastic bucket cover is compounded into a composite film by glue. Common structures of aluminum foil bags are: PET/PA/PE or CPPPET/AL/CPPPA/AL/CPPPET/PA0/AL/CPP. The basic features are: polyethylene is suitable for low temperature use, chlorinated polyethylene is suitable for high temperature cooking, making polyamide (PA) is used to increase physical strength and puncture resistance, aluminum foil is used to increase barrier properties, and milk tea is generally used for sealing and shading as the middle layer of polyester to increase mechanical strength and hardness. According to the needs, combinations, various performances, and transparent, to increase the barrier oxygen and moisture resistance, waterproof polyvinyl alcohol high barrier coating can be used. 1. The aluminum foil bag has a metallic luster, the filling and sealing machine has higher heat and light reflection capabilities, and the printing color of the aluminum foil bag is more delicate and bright. 2. The aluminum foil bag has good isolation performance and strong protection performance, and is airtight and moisture impermeable. Therefore, the present invention can effectively prevent moisture absorption and gasification of the contents, is not easily invaded by bacteria and insects, has good shape stability, and is not affected by humidity changes. 3. Shielded or stripped part aluminized to get any pattern and any clear window so that the customer can see the package contents in the foil sealer. This is a great progress in the production technology of aluminum foil bags, and it is also a major feature of aluminum foil bags. The above is all about “what is the difference between commonly used composite packaging bags and aluminum foil packaging bags?” Hope to be of some help to you,

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