What is the gas in the “Qingming Yulu” puffed food packaging bag?

December 15, 2022

Feynman yltpacking.com

“Qingming Yulu” When the puffed food packaging bag is packed, it is full of gas. This gas is not air, nor is it oxygen, nor is it carbon dioxide gas. What exactly is that gas? Next, yltpacking will tell you about it. In fact, food packaging bags are filled with hydrogen or inert gas. It is mainly used for packaging fried food that is afraid of being squeezed. It is characterized by oil, crisp and crisp. Although it can be kept fresh without swelling, it is easily broken and affects food quality during transportation, handling and placement. Injecting inert gas into food packaging bags can not only ensure the freshness of food, but also prevent damage to food caused by extrusion. This is a new form of packaging. For example, the potato chips that we often eat in our daily life are packaged in this way. The above is all about “what is the gas in the puffed food packaging bag?” Hope to be of some help to you,

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