What is the material of coffee packaging bags

June 13, 2022


What is the material of coffee packaging bags

Weare all familiar with coffee, and each type of coffee has a unique flavor. Tasting coffee is not only a taste experience, but also a baptism of body and mind. By tasting coffee, we not only gain friendship, but also gain life. So when we talk about coffee, we will think of coffee packaging. Coffee packaging includes filling and plastic packaging. Most of our customized coffee packaging bags are packaged in aluminum foil, which can permanently lock the aroma of coffee.

coffee packaging bags

Packaging Requirements for Coffee Packaging

Moisture proog, high barrier, and keep the oxidative aroma of coffee volatilization.

Design structure: PET/PA/AL/PE, PET/VMPET/PE,PET/AL/PE

coffee packaging bags (2)

Design reasons: AL, PA, VMPET have good barrier properties, water and gas barrier properties, and PE has good heat sealing properties.

coffee packaging bags (3)

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