What issues should be paid attention to when buying dried fruits and nuts in “packaging bags”?

December 4, 2022

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Before purchasing, check whether the contents of the label on the package of dried fruit and nuts are complete. So, what does the label contain? The following yltpacking packaging will tell you that the label content should include: factory name, address, production date, shelf life, net content and product standard number. If the above points should be incomplete, it is recommended to buy cautiously. What issues should be paid attention to when purchasing dried fruits and nuts? One: Dried fruits: Dried fruits have high water content, if not stored properly, the food is prone to mold. Consumers should carefully check whether the food is moldy. If the food is moldy, it is worthless. At the same time, it is necessary to observe whether the outer packaging bag of dried fruit is damaged. If it is damaged, the pulp inside will be contaminated and cannot be eaten. Two: Nuts: When buying walnut kernels, you should pay attention to the color of the walnut kernels. Usually, the color of fresh walnut kernel is light yellow or light amber. If the color is darker, the walnut is older. Consumers can also tell whether a product is fresh and edible by smelling it. If the product smells of oil and oysters, it is rancid and cannot be eaten. The above is the whole content of “What issues should be paid attention to when buying dried fruits and nuts?”.

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